Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Most of my Facebook friends are ZOMBIES

I really find the content and commentary of social pages like facebook amazing. People are literally addicted to the idea that they are once again connected with all of their long-lost friends from days of old. Some wake up in the morning and post about how much they hate mondays or comment on why their friend is right to be a fan of the republican party. Others spend their day gaining as many imaginary friends or imaginary money that they can by operating an imaginary farm or mafia. Sure, I too, dabble here and there with different distractions but, come on, you've got other stuff going on too right? There must be some real world stuff that you are involved in that will make a small difference in how this world advances? And i'm not talking about sports or drinking or parties or t.v. shows or working on your car. I'm talking about helping someone in your community that you don't know or getting involved politically for the benefit of the people whom the elected 'public servant' will be obligated to serve. Or helping a child understand his world, his God or his Country. Because while all of this social networking is going on, our country is being destroyed by the people whom have been elected or appointed by the elected. And soon, if they have their way, you won't have the freedom to 'socially network' with anyone. Isn't it ironic. That by distracting people with social networks, their agenda can be implimented to install socialism? I rarely here anything from my facebook friends about what is going on politically in this nation. If I do, it's usually in response to the posts which I make. "Why are you so political?" is one. "Well, i'm glad that i'm not into politics!", is another. Or my favorite, "Let the politicians do their job!!!". For me, it has nothing to do with politics in the normal sense of the word. It's about stopping politics in the sense that politics has become. Of course it's hard to be involved in things that have grown so corrupt and evil but, it's that very lack of involvement by every single man and woman of this nation that has allowed only the politically involved to rule it's own world and to continue the expansion of it's own corruptness through the 'in crowd' mentality. Politics have always been subject to corruption. For every person in power, there is another person wanting to usurp that power through bribery. Today they call the bribers Lobbyists. And no, they don't wait in the lobby until the meetings are over and bribe the elected officials when they come out. The bribing (lobbying) happens before the politicians vote on issues in the form of payments, campaign contributions, special deals, kickbacks and incentives (friends of Angelo anyone?). The biggest problem I have with people nowadays isn't their lack of knowledge, it's their lack of concern. There is such a need to be entertained in this country that people will watch American Idol for 16 weeks straight, two nights a week, keep a hand written list on their coffee table of their favorite contestant and text in a vote at the end of the show and not even vote for the President of the United States of America. Didn't God tell you NOT to make Idols? Hey, the Israelites had a calf made of pure fricken gold and worshipped that and you idiots are making an idol out of a T.V. show? What does it all add up to? Who won? I'll answer that for you. The advertisers won. Remember now how they keep emphasizing not to vote until after the show? Why is that, have you ever wondered? It's because we can't have people distracted by texting while our product commercials are on, can we? And the whole time you thought they just wanted to give each contestant an equal chance right? Well enough of the sheeple shearing for now. The point is that the whole time that you are politically involved in America's Idol, your not politically active in America. They know that. They win thrice. 1. Advertising 2. Text messaging 3. Record sales And lets not forget the one they really profit on. Distracting you from what the agenda is, that they are pressing forward in this nation. I'm not going to tell you what it is because if you don't know, it's too late. I will tell you however that they (those that have usurped our government through greed and the distracting of our citizens), hate God- while professing their faith in Him, hate Liberty- while swearing to protect it and are unquestionably loyal to their god, whom they serve behind the scenes. Get off the tap water. Flouride does not prevent tooth decay. It does however, take away what Americans of old called, Righteous Indignation-good ole anger. It's time to shift our thoughts a little bit to that very term Righteous Indignation. Righteous Indignation is defined as - retribution, retributive justice; anger and contempt combined with a feeling that it is one's right to feel that way; anger without guilt God is the author of righteous indignation and He expects His children to possess it and exercise it. Is it wrong to feel angry when a woman is beaten by a man?No, it's righteous. Or when a baby is abused by his or her guardian? No, that anger is righteous indignation also. How about a persons life savings stolen by it's government? How about a person who tells me that watching his favorite football team this weekend is more important than informing his facebook friends that 30 children have died this month alone during the 'war on terror' in Afganistan? Yes, I admit, this questions a little more ambiguous but what is the more important subject? The football's a game. Entertainment. Fantasy. The childrens deaths are real. Each death will affect dozens of lives to the negative without preventing more deaths. Can we only feel sad when it's an American baby dying? No, because thousands of those die everyday due to drugs being used by their mothers, kidappings, molestations etc;. Maybe it has to be within our own family for us to care enough to get involved. If this is true, and it appears to be the case, then shame on us, for we let it happen by not taking a stand unless it effects us directly. And when it does happen to us, we can be assurred that no one will be their to prevent it. We have all guaranteed that. Quit worrying about what others are going to say about you for taking a stand against tyranny and evil and start making difference. Dare to be a Daniel, Dare to stand alone! Dare to have a purpose firm! Dare to make it known. Many mighty men are lost Daring not to stand, Who for God had been a host By joining Daniel’s band DCL

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