Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All I Can See Is RED!

This world of ours is so freakin screwed up! I'll start my rant by offering a quote that I overheard at a going-to-Iraq deployment party that was happening at a local bar this weekend. I wasn't a guest at this party. It was being held contemporaneously with the normal goings on at the bar. I was however, introduced to the young man by a mutual friend. The man was saying that he was being prepared for service in Iraq or Afganistan. I heard him as he was explaining his zeal for the endevour by stating, "I'm Airborne man, i'm ready. As soon as I hit the ground, i'm gonna light 'em all up; men, woman and children, i don't give a f**k!" Much to my shagrin, the others who stood listening to him were not takin aback by his bloviating.I thought to myself, this does not even qualify as a joke! Are you insane? Who, in their right mind would even entertain the thought, even in joke form, of killing children? What kind of education was this man adhering to that would justify this statement?And isn't that what it all comes down to? A person's knowledge or lack thereof on a given subject will impact his stance on that subject. But, who told this guy that these men, woman and children weren't worthy of any mercy but certainly worthy of death?According to his argument, these people's own government were complicit in Hussein's and Bin Laden's actions, therefore, they too (the citizens) are complicit and worthy of death? Let's remember, OUR GOVERNMENT, not theirs, (Iraq & Afganistan's) is chosen by the people. And by this reasoning, WE are judged by our own words and votes. Afgani's and Iraqi citizens do not have a tittle of say about their governments actions. We in the U.S. do have the right and responsibility to vote people in- based on our beliefs and dreams. No one implicates themselves for our military's undeclared invasions, hapless colateral damages and military torturings. We certainly don't deserve to die because of our leaders actions but the afgans and the Iraqi's absolutely don't either. They are totally non-complicit because they don't have a say in their government. Yet we are going to hold them responsible for their leaders actions? That's even if you believe the B.S. that's pumped through the idiot box and implanted in our brains by tout t.v.. They have painted a face of these supposed terrorists on a Toshiba tapestry which sits right in front of you every night and underneath the picture, instead of a signature there is a caption which reads, "Hate these people because they're different and by the way, they hate you and want to kill you." Yet, there were no WMD's in Iraq. No Bin Ladens in Afganistan. Our country went anyway because we the people have exactly the same control over our government as the Afgans and Iraqi's do- NONE! But we do have an unstripped power known as personal freedom and free speech. So, the next time someone says "support our troops" or "I'm proud to be an American", if your going to agree, know in advance why you believe that way. Investigate, define your beliefs and know what you stand for. If you don't, you may just run into a true soldier like me who ruins your party! God's Army- Serve with Him and you won't be explaing your actions, you'll be explaining your successes. Douglas Larson

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